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For fifty years, locally owned and operated business Roadways has been sealing roads across the state including major infrastructure projects (Kingston Bypass, Brighton Bypass, Brooker Highway upgrade) and has held the major sealing contract with the Tasmanian Department of State Growth (DSG) for a prolonged period of time.

Roadways founder Ian Harrington

Ian Harrington was the founder of road surfacing business Roadways in the mid 1960s.

It’s humble operation started back in the late 1960s by industry pioneer Ian Harrington, who took the leap of faith to establish the first privately run road surfacing operation.

Starting with two employees in the north of the state, he tried his luck and with a commitment to hard work he developed and established one of the longest running sealing operations in the state .

The company has evolved and diversified in more recent times despite challenging and turbulent economic times and today, the broader Group is made up of Roadways, Statewide Linemarking, Protector Rail and Rockit Asphalting employing more than 100 Tasmanians state wide.

When Roadways turned 50, we turned back to our origins and acknowledged the life of the late Ian Harrington by launching a new identity the Ian Harrington Group’. This is the parent entity of our operating businesses.

Ian Harrington was a visionary, entrepreneur, savvy political orchestrator, racing enthusiast (Bathurst, Australian touring cars) and family man. His commitment to quality and work ethic has left a lasting legacy that continues today in the current ethos of the Company.