IHG Appoints New Director

Bridget Rheinberger

Bridget Rheinberger has been formally appointed to the Ian Harrington Group Board as a non-executive Director, effective June 2018.

Bridget joins the Board with a vast amount of legal and small business expertise and is renowned for her work both inside and outside of the legal profession.

Bridget was appointed to practice law in 2004 and became a Director of Tremayne Fay Rheinberger in 2014 where she specialises in Wills and Estates.

Bridget is proud ambassador for women in the workforce, and has been a long-standing supporter of the advancement of women in the legal profession.  She is the former President of Tasmanian Women Lawyers Inc. and a former Director of Australian Women Lawyers Limited.

In addition to her practice, Bridget teaches the Wills and Estates component at the Tasmanian Legal Practice Course (UTas) and is a regular speaker on ABC local radio discussing matters relating to Wills and Estates.