Management Changes for the IHGroup

After 16 years serving as CEO of Roadways and Managing Director of the Ian Harrington Group, Phil Sidney has announced his retirement from the business.  Phil joined the Company in 2003 as the CEO at a time when Roadways was a key market player.  Since that time, Phil has lead the company through many phases, including the acquisitions of Zaganite Specialised Coatings, which incorporated Brighton Painting and Linemarking, and created the opportunity for the business to diversify into long line road marking.  This followed with the acquisition of Statewide Linemarking, creating further capability in the line marking market.   Phil then lead the acquisition of Protector Rail and Rockit creating the capability to service all road sealing, marking and road safety barriers for clients.

Throughout his time with the group Phil has made valuable contributions within the industry and community organisations  such as the Civil Construction Federation, Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board, Tasmanian Advances Minerals, and is the current Chair of Ozhelp.

Phil will take extended leave in March before finishing up in late June 2019; however he will maintain an ongoing involvement with the group to work on special projects as and when required.   We look forward to Phil’s continued contribution.

Taking over the role as CEO, the Chairman of IHGroup announced the appointment of Bill Abbott.  Bill will take up his position in early February and will spend a month familiarising himself with the IHGroup and his role prior to Phil’s departure.

Bill has extensive experience in the construction and building products sectors and is currently General Manager for Riverside Industrial Sands Pty Ltd in Queensland.  He has worked overseas in building products in China, USA and New Zealand and will bring a renewed perspective to the business operations of the IHGroup.  Bill will relocate to Hobart from Toowong in Queensland in the New Year.

The Board has also appointed Brenton Stead who has been with the Company for 16 years to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the IHGroup reporting to the CEO.  Brenton will have a close working relationship with Bill and will have responsibility for the safe and profitable operations of Roadways, Statewide Linemarking (incl. Protector-Rail) and Rockit Asphalting.  Brenton will participate in the IHGroup Board meetings alongside and supporting the CEO.  The Chairman wished both Bill and Brenton all the very best in their new roles.