Gabion baskets

Protector Rail manufactures and installs a range of gabion baskets to the design of many different wall sections to suit the architectural demands of a project as well as its engineering requirements.

Rock basket gabions are one of the most economical retaining systems on the market providing a highly versatile solution of earth retention and erosion protection for designers and contractors in a wide variety of applications.

Mainly used for civil construction works gabion baskets are flexible in nature, free draining and are used to assist with earth retaining, coastal protection, rock fall protection, reinforced soils and landscaping.

Gabion basket examples:

  • Roads – used in retaining walls or steep revetments to prevent rock falls along hazardous stretches of road or access points including sections of earth removal and construction.
  • Landscaping – mainly used for feature walls, retaining walls, dividers and benches across a range of sectors for commercial and residential landscaping.

To find out how gabion baskets might suit your next infrastructure or landscaping project contact Protector Rail.