Road safety barriers

Protector Rail is a leading provider of wire rope safety fence (WRSF) and steel barrier fence throughout Tasmania.

Road safety barriers have been developed and adapted over the years to safely redirect and prevent vehicles from crossing or leaving the roadway.  Protector Rail sources premium and high quality road safety barriers manufactured in Australia to stringent local and international standards.

Over the last seven years, we have won and completed contracts all over the state to install traditional guard rail and the more recent and popular wire rope safety fencing. Our expansion has also extended through to specialised equipment allowing us to perform in accordance with the highest standards and remain at the top of our industry.

In addition, our self-manufactured Devil Drill has paved the way for new methods to installing safety barriers across Australia. Read more about our leading edge Devil Drill for top of the range efficiency and installation.

Safety fence products:

  • Steel barrier fence – range of Guard Rail design systems from W-beam rail on steel posts, Ezy Guard, Thriebeam and crash attenuators to cater for safe vehicle containment over numerous traffic management and hazardous scenarios.
  • Wire rope safety fence (WRSF) – the safety barrier of choice for most median highways and high-density roads across Australia for their capability, maintenance and repair. We can install all available types of TWRSF.

See recent safety barrier works.

To discuss safety barrier options most suitable for your project scenario contact Protector Rail.