The Devil Drill

Meet the Devil Drill. The fastest and most efficient way of drilling holes for Wire Rope Safety Fences (WRSF).

Seeking a quicker and more efficient method of drilling, at Protector Rail we devised and self-manufactured our own unique technology that dramatically improves productivity and OH&S for wire rope safety fence installation.

The Devil Drill unit is designed to drill holes for the construction of the concrete footing of the WRSF, increasing the hole-drilling capacity by a conservative 45% over the conventional drilling processes and ensuring no manual handling as part of the process.

Being fully shrouded, the Devil Drill has several advantages over conventional augers currently used by most installers.

Devil Drill advantages include:

  • Removes the spoil from the excavation, which is then easy to vacuum up.
  • Eliminates the need for physical shovelling, and potential manual-handling injuries.
  • Prevents the hole from blowing out, which alone has resulted in a 15% reduction in concrete use.
  • Quicker and more efficient use of labour on-site

The Devil Drill cleverly steers the machine along a string line, while keeping the drill perpendicular to the ground. This allows the operator to concentrate on vehicle and personnel movements around him, without impacting productivity.

The Devil Drill has proven successful and innovative when used for a range of large to small-scale projects in Tasmania.

For more information about the Devil Drill call Protector Rail on 03 6271 3600.