Your driveway is the main entrance and first impression people have of your home or business so a smart and smooth finish is important for usability, performance and visual presentation.

Servicing Tasmania statewide, Roadways delivers premium driveway surfacing in asphalt or spray seal applications.

From residential driveways for domestic clients through to larger entries for commercial, retail and industrial sectors, Roadways has an established and long-held reputation for a quality and premium finish.

We approach every driveway sealing like we would a national highway paying close attention to site preparation and application to ensure you receive a top finish every time.

Stages of driveway surfacing:

  1. Preparation – assessment of site, surface and drainage is essential prior to asphalt laying to ensure the base is adequate and firm.
  2. Asphalt laying – undertaken by a professional contract-laying crew with specialised equipment for a high quality application and finish.
  3. Maintenance – like any top level covering, your asphalt surface will need some attention and ongoing care for it to service you for the long-term. We have provided some tips to help you keep your driveway in optimal condition.

See our Roadways Driveway Checklist to provide more information and help prepare and maintain your surface adequately.

For trusted and reliable driveway surfacing and an obligation free quote give Roadways a call on 6271 3500.