Decorative marking

Statewide Linemarking extends its services beyond roads and safety markings to cater for a range of public spaces and directional traffic scenarios.

From bike lanes, schools and playgrounds to sporting grounds and way-finding information, Statewide Linemarking has the product range to deliver an application to most public, community or commercial requirements.

Statewide Linemarking works closely with you to develop and determine the most effective and durable solution to create a professional and visually appealing finish.

Examples of decorative markings:

  • Bike lanes – designated markings for pedestrian and vehicle access including roads, walkways, public places and trails.
  • Commercial outlets – explore decorative options for warehouses, factories, operating plants, showrooms, retail, entrances and reception areas.
  • Public places – create impact at parks, community centres, playgrounds, car parks, trails, footpaths and foreshores.
  • Sports grounds – refresh your markings for ovals, courts, arenas and stadiums including car parks and traffic flow (vehicle and pedestrian) requirements.

See recent decorative works.

To explore how decorative markings can be integrated into your next project contact Statewide Linemarking.