Safety marking

Statewide Linemarking can help you meet workplace standards and requirements through the application of a range of OH&S markings designed specifically for warehouses, factories and commercial facilities.

A diverse range of products from paint and thermoplastic will ensure the most efficient product is applied to withstand heavy-duty traffic with high visibility and longevity in accordance with the latest national standards.

Our experience flows across heavy vehicle transport depots, industrial warehouses, supermarkets, factories and storage facilities servicing a range of commercial clients with extensive experience in relevant health and safety regulations and requirements.

OH&S markings include:

  • Safe pedestrian walkways
  • Restricted zones and areas
  • Definition of hazardous areas
  • Heavy vehicle areas and routes
  • Storage areas and access
  • Warning markings and arrows
  • Anti-slip and skid resistant surfaces

See examples of OH&S works.

For more information on safety markings contact Statewide Linemarking.